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Why Outsource all accounts to Us

What factors should a business owner account for when deciding whether it's time to hire their own team of accountants in-house or better to outsource?

Benefits outsourcing to D.E.A.

  1. Zero overhead costs - no desks, laptop, phones, pensions, paternity.maternity leave
  2. 52 weeks per year - no time away for holidays, we're always one when you are
  3. Boost efficiency - guaranteed turnaround for accounts, tax etc
  4. Protection against theft due to Anti Money Laundering oversight
  5. Flexible resourcing - when business booms instant incremental accounts team on hand
  6. Cost Cash flows - In-house senior accountant £4.5K+/mo vs outsourced £2.5K+
  7. Team vs individual Expertise - one industry experienced accountant vs a team with a breadth of advisory and experience
Overall the expenditure £ must generate more cash flow than the alternative.